March 16, 2009

Ron Paul Supporters declared "TERRORISTS"

Those of you with bumper stickers on your car for Republican Congressman Ron Paul will be surprised to learn that State and Federal law enforcement agencies have been told to view you as a Domestic Terrorist!

Libertarians who supported Chick Baldwin or Bob Barr; you're now considered domestic terrorists too!

Do you possess literature exposing "The North American Union?" or discussing Constitutional restraints upon the government? Guess what? It's "subversive literature" and you are a domestic terrorist for having it.

Have you investigated the Trans-Texas super highway being constructed to move goods from Mexico all the way to Canada? Sorry to tell you; You're a Domestic Terrorist too.

These are the official teachings of the governments new "fusion centers" which are combinations of local, state and federal law enforcers seeking to identify terrorists.

Think I'm kidding? Read it for yourself.

You know, sooner or later, they are going to designate so many of as "terrorists" that we will outnumber them. That will be a bad day. . . . . for them.

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