March 25, 2009


After eight months off the air, tonight, Wednesday, March 25, 2009, "The Hal Turner Show" will once again air LIVE.

Tonight's line-up starts at 8:00 Pm eastern US time with "End Day Prophecy Hour" with Pastor James P. Wickstrom. Jim will be joined by Pastor Bob from Nevada.

Then at 9:00 PM Eastern US Time, I make my triumphant return to the air for two solid hours of honest talk in a time of universal deceit.

To tune-in here on the internet with any MP3 player, click the link below:

To tune-in with REAL Media/Audio Player, click the link below:

I am presently streaming music so you can test your ability to tune in and make sure everything works right before tonight.

I usually do not take callers to the show for the first hour, so don't bother trying. Once I open the phone lines, the number to dial to get on the air is: