March 15, 2009

Will Dick Cheney please shut up!

The former Vice President seems to have an awful lot to say lately. According to this Associated Press story, we shouldn't blame the Bush Administration for the bad economy.

Then, while appearing on CNN, Cheney went on to say he thinks Obama has made the U.S. less safe by modifying Bush administration policies on detention and interrogation of terrorist suspects.

Not for anything, but we rarely if ever heard from Cheney while he was in office. It is inappropriate for him to be making such remarks now that he's out of office.

If for no other reason than tradition, the former Administration generally keeps it mouth shut for the first 100 days or so of a new administration. Apparently, Cheney has no respect for tradition.

Besides, he and Bush had about eight full years to make America safer and they failed. The only thing they succeeded in doing was imposing draconian laws upon the rest of us; inconveniencing tens of millions at airports and snooping through our private communications. That's nothing to be proud of, so who is he to talk about Obama.

Dear Mr. Cheney, from one Republican to another, will you please shut up.