April 1, 2009

As promised: Joseph Cassano of AIG

Here's what he looks like:

Joseph Cassano, the man accused of bringing the massive insurance company American International Group (AIG) to the brink of bankruptcy, left his home for a mid-morning cycle with his wife of March 19. Here, he is carrying his state-of-the-art bicycle down the steps of his Montpelier Square townhouse in London's fashionable Knightsbridge area.

Cassano lives in this four-story townhouse in one of London's most exclusive neighborhoods on Montpelier Square, a few blocks away from the famous Harrod's shopping complex. The home is reportedly worth $8 million.
Cassano cycling towards London's Hyde Park, just one day after AIG's CEO Edward Liddy was put in the hot seat as he testified before Congress. Despite being the target of an FBI investigation, Cassano seems to be enjoying his London lifestyle.
A waiter at this upscale Italian restaurant, around the corner from Cassano's townhouse, says Cassano regularly has lunch there at 12 noon sharp. Lunchtime draws an international business crowd to the restaurant.
Cassano also brings his wife to Montpeliano, as the neighborhood restaurant is called, for dinner, according to a waiter. The menu includes whole lobster and the specialty of the house is veal montpeliano.
First class is apparently not good enough for Cassano. His associates says that Cassano travels around the world by private jet. FAA records show that Cassano is a partial owner of this Gulfstream IV jet, which costs about $40 million.
Cassano traveled frequently between London and Wilton, Connecticut, where the main office of AIG Financial Products is located. Cassano owns this home in an exclusive neighborhood in Westport, Connecticut, less than 10 miles away from company headquarters.
Those of you who believe that people ought to be held accountable for the wreckage they cause to others, may want to pay Mr. Cassano a visit.