October 5, 2008


Ever wonder how it is that our nation, with all its spy satellites, communications intercept capabilities and enormous electronic surveillance capacity hasn't been able to locate Osama Bin Laden for seven years?

Turns out, we actually DID locate him; in Tora Bora, in 2001. We sent a team of Delta Force commandos in to get him and when they were within 2000 yards . . . . . . someone very high up inside our government called off the plan!

At the link below, you can read this compelling account by the US Army Major who was assigned to carry out the mission and was personally there!

Clearly our nation has been betrayed by people inside either US Central Command, inside the CIA or Bush/Cheney; there's just one problem: The government has never revealed - and says it will never reveal - who it was that ordered the mission stopped.

"Why would they nix the mission?" you ask? It's simple. If Bin Laden was caught or killed, the war on terrorism would have been cut short. That would mean no more bogey man. No more terrorist maniac to fear. That would translate into years of less - or zero - spending on the war and possible repeal of the draconian, Constitution-shredding laws that have been enacted since 2001.

It's all about money and control folks. Make you scared, keep you scared and spend spend spend.

The people who nixed the mission deserve to be captured and dealt with. Right here in America.
Since government won't reveal who they are, it's time to start going one by one through the chain of command of US Centcom and the CIA.

We need to find these people and, when we have them within arms reach, make them talk; by whatever means that takes. Since our government seems to think highly of it, water-boarding comes to mind!

You see, when we track these folks down - and we can - we'll be able to confront them in a place and at a time where they aren't protected. Once we know who did what, we can do what truly needs to be done.

You guys from U.S. Centcom who were in charge during the Tora Bora mission would do well to start looking over your shoulder.

Hal Turner
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