October 12, 2008

FBI Seizes Nazi Internet Server

The ongoing legal troubles of Bill White, self-appointed "commander" of the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) in Roanoke, VA have gotten worse.

On Wednesday of last week, persons known to be close to White appeared before a federal grand jury in Roanoke under subpoena.

As reported earlier on this blog, I spoke to two people who appeared before that grand jury and they told me that the Grand Jury is looking into White publicizing the home address of Leonard Pitts, a newspaper reporter. In that earlier story, I also found out the grand jury was looking into another matter which, at the time, I chose not to disclose.

Since at least one other media outlet has now published information about what may be that other matter, I will repeat what they published about it. The grand jury is also allegedly looking into how and why Bill White obtained the name and home address of a federal Juror seated during the trial of Matt Hale in Chicago.

According to the other media outlet, Bill White reported that Juror's name, address and other info on his web site, Overthrow.com. White allegedly described the Juror as a homosexual jew who had a black gay lover.

The feds are apparently trying to portray this as Juror intimidation or Jury tampering, either of which would be a federal felony with heavy prison time.

On Thursday of last week, The FBI executed a search warrant and seized the server used to host the ANSWP web site as well as Bill White's personal site "overthrow.com."

The FBI wants access to all internal communications between Bill White and his membership as part of an ongoing federal Grand Jury investigation.

In the past few days, White has lashed out at people he apparently thinks are involved in this investigation, including myself, Vonbluvens and others.

While I have not played any role whatsoever in this matter, I don't mind saying it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

My experience with Bill White has has caused me to view him as a sociopath. In my experience, White outright makes up fraudulent claims about anyone he disagrees with, publishes those false claims on his site without regard for the truth or the impact of his lies on others.

My view is that Bill White is a dishonest and psychiatrically unstable person that others would do well to avoid.