October 24, 2008

Made it to Blumenau, Brasil!

My trip to Brasil is going quite well. Very relaxing.

After traveling to Curitiba, Parana, Brasil, we headed by private plane to Foz Do Iguaco and then briefly over the border into Paraguay to conduct some business.

Upon flying back to Curitiba, be departed for Blumenau to meet up with some friends.

We stayed on top of a 1500' (500 meter) mountain in the beautiful home of a dear friend, pictured below. (Click picture to enlarge)

When we arrived, it was a bit overcast, but we could clearly see Blumenau in the valley below as show below:

We had a terrific dinner, spent much of the night socializing and went to sleep.

The next morning when we awoke, an amazingly beautiful thing happened; a storm front moved into the valley overnight but the mountain we were on was so tall, we were ABOVE the clouds! Take a look at how the clouds filled the valley below us:

Late this afternoon the weather became spectacular so we had a sort of barbecue with friends. I made sure I was in these pictures since the skeptics out there seem to think this is some sort of hoax.

As a funny side note, I spoke to my wife by phone tonight and she said the FBI called our house to ask if I was actually in Brasil! They asked how I got out of the country without my passport being "pinged" through the government database. Naturally, she couldn't explain that because she doesn't know.

I will be heading back to the USA soon. More details when I get home.