October 29, 2008

Obama's Kenyan Aunt found living in Boston Slum

One way to truly judge the character of any person is how they treat their family. This is especially true if the person claims to care about other folks, or have the public's best interests at heart.

Barak Obama has been telling us for months how he cares about America and the troubles we citizens are going through. He asks us to vote for him so he can make things better. Turns out, it's all lies.

Barak Obama's Kenyan Aunt has been found, living in a slum in Boston. Even worse, an Uncle of Barak Obama was evicted from his low income apartment for failing to pay about $2400 in back rent.

Barak Obama released his tax returns showing he made around $900,000 last year. He talks about "spreading the wealth around" yet he didn't care enough about his own aunt to keep her from living in a slum or helping his uncle avoid eviction by giving a measly $2400!

Barak Obama is a fraud. The way he treats his own family is irrefutable proof.

If he lets this happen to his own family, what do you think he'll do for you? Yea . . . . . nothing.

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