November 20, 2008

Something incredible is about to happen; don't be afraid when it does

My Fellow Americans:
Something incredible and historic is about to take place here in our country. When it does, the nation will reel in shock and awe at the coordination and execution of such a vast, sudden, dramatic and irreversible series of events.

When these things take place, your initial reaction may be one of fear but DO NOT be afraid. These things have to happen. They have needed to happen for a very long time and after they happen, our nation will be better for it.

Every once in awhile, people have to do things they know are bad in order to achieve things they know are good. America as a nation is at such a cross-roads. We are left with two choices: either accept the debauchery, manipulation and usurpation that have taken place, or correct those problems with deliberate and direct action.

We can no longer sit idly-by and simply accept the debauchery, manipulation and usurpation. It is going to be corrected very soon by extraordinary and stunning means.

When these things happen - and they will happen soon - do not be afraid, America. The actions are long overdue and need to occur.

To those outside of the United States, a stern warning: When we correct the problems of this nation, the correction will happen with such magnitude that your first reaction may be to step-in.

You are herewith warned to stay away.

Make no effort whatsoever to interfere with what is going to take place inside the United States. We have some problems as a nation that we citizens are going to cure with dramatic and shocking action. Any outsiders who attempt to interfere will be dealt with harshly.