December 29, 2008

About those "Rocket Attacks" against Israel. . . . . they DESERVED every one of them

West Bank & Gaza Strip, Palestine -- As the world enters day #3 of the Israeli military attacks against the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the U.S. media is replete with stories about how Israel is merely defending itself from "rocket attacks." Let's talk about that.

The so-called "rockets" are little more than Bottle Rockets used by American children or professional fireworks displays used to celebrate on the Fourth of July.

Most of the "rockets" being fired at Israel, land harmlessly in the desert. Rarely if ever is anyone injured by these rockets and NOT ONE person has been killed in Israel by these rockets in years!

Yet within the past 3 days, the Israeli military has seen fit to kill over 700 unarmed men, women and children inside the West Bank and Gaza strip. Think about that for a moment. No dead Israelis has prompted 700 dead Palestinians.

Let's move on to yet another item that the U.S. Media is repeating over and over and over: The Palestinians freely elected the Hamas Party into power and, according to Israel, "Hamas is a terrorist organization."

In fact, many dimwitted Americans swallow this line of reasoning hook, line and sinker, then repeat it as though it makes any sense. Let's consider this argument for a moment.

Yes, the people of Palestine freely elected the Hamas Party into power. That is their right. If my fellow Americans think that bombing people over who they elect is a valid thing, then let me know.

You see, I think the Democrat Party here in the United States is a terrorist organization. If bombing people based upon who they freely elect is a valid thing to do, does that mean I can start bombing Democrats?

Ahhhhhh, now you see how the argument against Hamas falls flat on its face!

One thing that is absolutely NOT being reported anywhere in the U.S. Media is WHY the rockets are being fired into Israel. Do you know why they're being fired? I do:

For over a year, Israel has sealed the borders of the West Bank and Gaza strip, not allowing anyone to work, earn money or - here's the real problem - get food deliveries IN.

The 1.4 million people inside Gaza are literally being starved to death by Israel.

The only way food has gotten in is through smuggling and not nearly enough can be smuggled in.

Let me ask you something: If someone was intentionally starving YOU to death, would you try to hurt them?

That's what is really taking place over in the cesspool known as Israel. Yet the U.S. Media isn't bothering to tell the American people about this. If the American people knew that Israel was intentionally starving over 1.4 million people to death, it would change the way the American people react, which would put pressure on the American government, which would then put pressure on Israel.

Here's the worst part: Even though the American people have been intentionally kept in the dark by the media, the U.S. government knows these facts and still does not intervene.

The American government knows that Israel has not allowed Palestinians to go to work for over a year. The American government knows that Israel has not allowed food shipments into Gaza or the West Bank for over a year. The American government knows that Palestinians have been starving to death. This is genocide, taking place right in front of us!

The American government has not only stood-by and done nothing to stop this genocide, they have actually aided and abetted it by supplying Israel with the weapons used to perpetrate the genocide.

The federal government is herewith reminded that there is no power delegated to the federal government by the Constitution, to enforce international genocide laws. They are further reminded that there is nothing in the Constitution prohibiting that power to the states.

As such, pursuant to Amendment Ten of the Constitution for the United States, the power to enforce international genocide laws falls to the states respectively or to the People.

As citizens, WE THE PEOPLE have the legal authority to enforce those genocide laws upon the federal government.

On January 20, 2009, there will be about four million of us citizens in Washington, DC. for the Inauguration. Wouldn't it be something if a hundred thousand of us came to Washington, DC with guns and decided to exercise our powers under the Tenth Amendment and arrest outgoing President Bush, the House of Representatives and the Senate for aiding and abetting genocide?

We would outnumber and outgun all your cops and soldiers.

I think it would be a really good idea for those of you in the U.S. federal government to reign-in the criminal state of Israel that you are presently aiding and abetting. In fact, I insist.

You have 24 hours to get it stopped. Failure to do so may result in an enforcement action.