December 4, 2008

Bush Issues "War Risk" memo for the Black Sea

The White House -- On November 26, President Bush issued a memorandum to the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Transportation and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget with the following SUBJECT: Provision of Marine War Risk Insurance Coverage.

The president seems to know that some type of war situation is going to exist in the Black Sea. That has ominous implications as evidenced by the map below.

The Black Sea is bordered by Russia and other nations, and would provide a close-in position from which the US Navy could launch air and missile strikes against northern Iran.

Whether Russia would tolerate the US launching attacks upon Iran from inside the Black Sea is a real question. The Russian Navy has an entire fleet in the Black Sea. They are quite capable of confronting any US Naval presence there.

Since Russia announced last week that they would be helping Iran complete its nuclear power stations next year, I think the Russians would have real "issues" with anyone trying to attack and destroy those nuclear plants.

Stay tuned, this could get dicey.

White House War Risk Memo Here