December 3, 2008

Hawaii Hospital: Obama not born here!

Honolulu, HI -- Questions about where Barack Obama was born and if he is eligible to become President are reaching fever pitch after every hospital in Honolulu, HI has denied he was born in any of them!

In order to be President of the United States, the Constitution requires a candidate to be "a natural born" citizen. Allegations arose over a year ago that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is thus ineligible to be President.

While the so-called "main stream" media has totally ignored the issue, the internet media is blazing with information about it.

According to investigative efforts between November 20 and December 2, the following Hospitals have denied Barack Obama was born at their facility and have further denied his mother was ever a patient:

We were pretty detailed in our calls. You can look at every hospital here and call any of them. You can file freedom of information act requests or speak to the media relations people at every hospital. Do everything and anything you wish. Barack Obama was never born in a hospital in Hawaii as claimed.

If Barack Obama cannot prove he is a "natural born citizen" prior to Inauguration day, he cannot be allowed to be sworn in. Period.

I earnestly hope our legal system, through the courts, handle this matter so that We The People don't have to step in and settle this the hard way.