December 7, 2008

Inauguration Attack(s) Planned?

As Washington, DC prepares for the January 20 Inauguration of Barack Obama, concerns about an attack during the Inauguration are a major part of event planning.

This inauguration is of particular concern because Barack Obama is the first non-White, possibly-foreign-born-and-thus-ineligible, usurper to enter the office of President of the United States. Many real Americans object to this possible unconstitutional usurpation and are being frustrated by an inability to redress this grievance through peaceful means in the courts.

While several court cases challenging Obama's eligibility to become President remain pending, the most-promising of these cases was scheduled to be conferenced by the US Supreme Court on December 5. That case, Donofrio v. NJ Secretary of State maintains that Barrack Obama was a British Citizen by virtue of his father being Kenyan, and thus a British subject himself.

The Obama campaign admitted on its web site that upon birth, Barack was British but claims that the British citizenship "expired" leaving Barack an American.

Despite being scheduled for a conference by the Supreme Court on December 5, for some reason that date came and went without any order from the Supreme Court! No one outside the court knows whether four of the nine justices voted to review the lawsuit or voted against reviewing the lawsuit. As such, the peaceful, legal method of redress appears to be in a sort of limbo.

In the United States, justice delayed is justice denied. When the courts fail or refuse to do the right thing, it foments the idea that vigilantism may be needed. U.S. history is replete with examples of Americans taking the law into their own hands and the upcoming Inauguration is not immune to that possibility.

I hear rumors that several efforts are presently being planned to . . . . . . affect . . . . . the Inauguration; perhaps even stop it. Before you ask, NO, I do not know of any actual plans or any actual person making any plans. But I hear things and what I've been hearing lately isn't good.

Folks have inquired of me as to what would happen if a President-elect were suddenly "unavailable" to be sworn in. I have replied that a Committee on Vacancies would probably be empowered to insert a replacement, which is how the election system works in my home state of NJ.

Other folks have wondered aloud if taking drastic action at the inauguration could accomplish more than one goal? For instance, in addition to halting a usurpation, could the supporters of the usurpation also be targeted, thus causing a chilling effect on further usurpation efforts?

Beyond the possibility that Americans might step up to do in place of the courts what the courts will not do for the country, there is the ongoing possibility that foreign born terrorists may attack.

After all, if we believe that men wearing filthy towels around their heads and operating from caves inside Afghanistan were able to perpetrate the attacks of 9-11-01, then we must also believe those same people could carry out something on January 20.

There is, too, a third possibility: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Could US patriots, desperate to protect their Constitution yet stymied by their own courts and unable to peacefully redress legitimate grievances, team-up with foreigners to attack the inauguration? The short answer: Yes.

While I would not be disposed to reveal the existence of any such plot if I knew of one, I find it useful to speculate on such things so as to prepare myself emotionally for things that may come to pass. This helps me protect my emotional well-being. So, let's speculate:

What if foreign terrorists spent considerable amounts of time and effort on Vozrozhdeniye Island and managed to get hold of live, weaponized Anthrax spores buried there by the old Soviet Union? Could they use radio-controlled toy airplanes to disburse those anthrax spores over the assembled throngs of Obama supporters attending the inauguration?

Since radio controllers for such toys can be jammed, might the toys be equipped with hard-wired flight controllers which cannot be jammed?

Forget high tech; what if folks simply filled balloons with helium, then inserted some biological weapon into the balloons and tied them shut with a length of fireworks fuse? They light the fuse, let the balloons go, the wind carries them over the inauguration crowd and when the fuse hits the balloon, the ballon pops, releasing the bioweapon into the wind and onto the crowd.

For all the hoopla over Anthrax, infection can be prevented with the antibiotic Cipro. So even if terrorists were able to grab weaponized anthrax, it would be simple to provide Cipro to anyone in or near Washington, DC thus thwarting any anthrax attack.

What if, however, in their efforts to grab anthrax, they came upon something else. Something far worse; Y-Pestis, also known as pneumonic plague?

While plague can be treated with antibiotics, the advent of genetic engineering makes it possible to genetically engineer Y-Pestis to be resistant to antibiotics.

Y-Pestis is so vicious that if a person becomes infected at around breakfast time, they could have lunch with their family and dinner with their ancestors. That's how fast it eats holes in the lungs. The lungs bleed, the infected person suffocates on their own blood and dies!

Would American Patriots be willing to team up with foreigners to deliver Y-Pestis (pneumonic plague) over the assembled masses at the inauguration?

For years, "Al-Qaida" has promised an attack far worse than 9-11. Our own government suspects - and has warned us repeatedly - that Al-Qaida would use either nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. What better time and place to do so than the inauguration?

In one instant, they would prove that all the years of war and ntelligence-gathering that we've undertaken have failed. In one instant, they would be able to exact punishment on Barack Obama for converting from Islam to Christianity. In one instant, they would strike a fierce blow against our government which they call "The Great Satan."

To accomplish this, they would need cooperation from Americans. Such Americans would have to be so disillussioned with our government, they would be willing to attack it.

Forget Patriots, what about racists? With Barack Obama being the first black elected President, it is simple logic that those attending the Inauguration will be mostly black. What better target-rich-environment for an attack by one race against another?

Are there citizens in this nation who meet such criteria. I can say from first-hand experience: yes.

So, I will not be attending the Inauguration in Washington, DC on January 20. Based upon what I've heard in the rumor mill, it just seems too dangerous to me.

Instead, I'll sit home and watch whatever unfolds on TV. Not to seem paranoid, but I strongly recommend you do the same.

Sic Semper Tyrannis