December 27, 2008

Israel Launches Air Strikes against Gaza strip

One day after Christmas, the mighty Israeli Air Force used advanced F-16 fighter jets and Apache attack helicopters to attack the Gaza Strip, whose residents have only rocks to throw in self defense. At last count, the Israeli attacks have killed 155 and wounded over 300.

Israel claims that they have suffered "rocket attacks" from Gaza, even though the "rockets" are barely more than bottle rockets that American children shoot off during Fourth of July celebrations.

The West Bank and Gaza Strip are two land areas that Israel unlawfully occupies militarily, in violation of several United Nations Security Council resolutions.

The people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been almost starved to death over the past year after Israel closed all border crossings, forbidding Palestinians to work or buy food inside Israel and forbidding trucks, trains or even boats to enter those two areas to bring food supplies.

Air strikes with American-made military aircraft are really the only thing Israel can successfully use when it decides to fight someone else. Whenever they go farther than air strikes, it requires them to use ground troops, which usually doesn't work out well.

The last time Israel sent its ground troops somewhere, most recently into Lebanon, the world watched in laughter as Israeli troops were totally defeated and retreated in fear.

At least with air strikes, Israel doesn't have to worry about the victims fighting back. The people in The West Bank and the Gaza Strip can't throw rocks that high.

--------------- COMMENTARY:

As I write this report, the so-called "state" of Israel remains in violation of more UN Security Council Resolutions than any other country on earth!

The reason no one ever does anything about it is because every time an attempt is made to enforce the Security Council resolutions, the Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) of the United States VETOES the effort.

The rest of the world would do well to realize that the United States is on the balls of its ass right now, overstretched militarily and bankrupt financially. This being the case, the rest of the world could, right now, successfully warn the US that if they veto another enforcement effort against Israel, the world would stop lending money to the US government and stop accepting US dollars as currency. This would almost immediately collapse the US government and the entire US economy. I urge the nations of the world to do exactly that!

I suspect the US government would roll over very quickly to permit several enforcement actions by the UN rather than face more financial trouble.

This is a major window of opportunity for the world to cripple the only protection that Israel has and, once and for all, reign-in the terrorist state of Israel. Please do it now.

Full Details about Israeli air strikes, Here