September 20, 2008

You have three minutes to live. . . . . .

Watch this brief video and you'll understand why the rest of the world has come to hate America.

Watch as our American Interrogator ties zip strips around a man's neck, begins to choke him and tells the guy "You've got three minutes to live."

Is this what we want our nation to be doing? Is this what we've become? I object.

I want this Interrogator found. Let's find out who he is and where he is. Once we find out we can either bring him to justice or bring justice to him.

Folks in government should remember: zip strips can fit them too.

I Told You So! CONFIRMED: Mortgage crisis caused by giving loans to Minorities

Four days ago, as we were watching the financial system meltdown, I published a "BREAKING NEWS" item which reported that ninety percent (90%) of the bad loans causing the crisis were made to non-White people (here).

Today, my story is confirmed by none other than FOX NEWS and WorldNetDaily. Give read to this brief article and learn the truth: Our nation is being wrecked by browns and blacks --- and the sicko Whites who advocate for them.

I was stunned to read that the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston put out a manual in the 1990's that warned mortgage lenders to no longer deny urban and lower-income minority applicants on such "outdated" criteria as credit history, down payment or employment income!

In my opinion, this conduct by the Federal Reserve amounts to Breach of Fiduciary Trust and is actionable in court!

FOX NEWS Story Here

WorldNetDaily Story Here

September 19, 2008

"Sensitive, Tolerant" Left-winger, (Jew) Sandra Bernhardt says Sarah Palin could be gang-raped by blacks

The sensitive, tolerant crowd is showing their hypocrisy again. This time ugly jewess Sandra Berhardt suggests that GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is a "fucking whore" "bitch"
who should stick with her "goyish" folks and not dare talk about the Old Testament of the Bible.

Here's the video, see for yourself:

I think it would be really cool if some of the Nazis who stood with me in places like Lansing, MI, Toledo, OH, Knoxville, TN and Kalamazoo, MI, joined me for a drive to Washington, DC to "catch up with" Sandra.

Imagine the look on that ugly jewess face when a bunch of real Nazis came at her? It would be a real hoot to hear her change her tune.

Anyone interested in coming with me, send an e-mail. This will not be a "protest" and the date will not be announced. It will be an up close and personal confrontation. You know, within arms reach.

Sen Chris Dodd admits: ". . . . . days away from a complete meltdown of our entire financial system"

Gee, this is September, isn't it? This is the month I warned everyone would see a complete collapse, isn't it? Turns out I was spot-on with my assessments.

Read it for yourselves here

September 17, 2008


When FDIC head Shelia Bair says her agency might have to bolster the FDIC's insurance fund with Treasury borrowings to pay for the new spate of bank failures, a lot of us assumed there's an actual FDIC fund in need of bolstering.

We were wrong.

As a former FDIC chairman, Bill Isaac, points out in the .pdf below, the FDIC Insurance Fund is an accounting fiction. It takes in premiums from banks, then turns those premiums over to the Treasury, which adds the money to the government's general coffers for "spending . . . on missiles, school lunches, water projects, and the like."

The insurance premiums aren't really premiums at all, therefore. They're a tax by another name.

All of you feeling comfortable that the FDIC "Insures" your bank account for up to $100,000 may want to ask, where will the government get the cash when no one will buy government debt anymore? Guess what. . . . . . they won't. Many of us may find ourselves destitute.

Read the proof from the former Chairman of the FDIC here

***** URGENT **** Washington Mutual Bank To Close on Friday!

I have just learned from a previously reliable source that Washington Mutual Bank - the sixth largest bank in the USA, has failed and will close this Friday.

Please spread the word immediately.

Wall Street Journal: "Worst Crisis Since '30s, With No End Yet in Sight"

The financial crisis that began 13 months ago has entered a new, far more serious phase.

The U.S. financial system resembles a patient in intensive care. The body is trying to fight off a disease that is spreading, and as it does so, the body convulses, settles for a time and then convulses again. The illness seems to be overwhelming the self-healing tendencies of markets. The doctors in charge are resorting to ever-more invasive treatment, and are now experimenting with remedies that have never before been applied.

Original article Here


The world financial crisis took a new and dangerous turn today as RESERVE PRIMARY FUND, the oldest money market fund in the United States and considered completely safe, "broke the buck" by valuing its deposits at 97 cents on the dollar.

This means instead of earning interest and profiting from their money market account, people who put their money in that money market fund now have only 97 cents of each dollar!

This is very, very serious news because when folks realize (tomorrow) that not even money market accounts are safe, they will try to pull their money out and . . . . . surprise surprise . . . . the money market won't have the cash on hand to give them their money back. Investors will be told they must wait a week, two weeks, perhaps even longer to get anything at all from their accounts. This will cause a panic and . . . . . . you know the rest.

Details Here

Gold Jumps + $90 per ounce in one day! Biggest single increase in history!

The price of Gold shot up by more than $90 per ounce today in vigorous trading, to hit $870.90, the largest single day increase in history. Gold later closed at $850 per ounce, still a $70 increase.

This is the final act in the economic collapse of the United States, as "those-in-the-know" get out of the stock market and out of the banks and buy up all the gold and silver they can before the final, total, economic collapse.

By the end of this week, Gold will once again hit all-time highs of more than $1030 per ounce as more and more people seek a safe haven for what little money they have left.

To put this is terms that even a moron can understand, the USA is now akin to the Titanic.

In December, 2006, I was on lookout and saw the iceberg dead ahead when the federal reserve announced it would cease publishing the M3 data in 90 days. I warned that without the M3 being reported, there would be no way that anyone could possibly know how much "one dollar" was actually worth because no one would know how many dollars existed in the world.

Even though I - and others - sounded this warning, no one even bothered to try steering us away from the iceberg.

We struck the iceberg in March 2007 when the Fed did, in fact, stop publishing the M3 data (amount of cash printed and put into circulation).

By June 2007, foreign investment into the US was down ninety percent with many not only refusing to buy US debt, but also removing what funds they had here. The USA, like the Titanic, was going down by the head.

With cash being pulled out of the US at enormous rates, the Banks started having "liquidity problems" in September of last year. They had loaned out all their deposits and didn't have enough on hand to fill customer demands to get money out.

By March 2008, the "sub-prime mortgage crisis" hit with full impact. There were so many non-performing loans and so many others pulling their money out that banks and brokerage houses couldn't even hide their lack of cash anymore.

This was sort of like the nose of the Titanic being underwater and the ass end of the ship having risen into the air - and that's a really BIG ass.

The hull (banking system) was never designed to take that kind of stress and so it began splitting apart -- with the collapse of Bear Stearns, then Lehman Brothers, the urgent sale of Merrill Lynch to Bank of America and so on.

As the splitting of the hull finished, the head of the Titanic was still underwater, but the ass end was once again level and above water. People on the back of the ship thought things were safe again. Boy were they wrong.

The ass end of the ship - our retail economy including retail banking - are now grinding slowly to a halt -- filling up with water. Very soon, the ass end of the ship will rise back into the air then, finally and dramatically, sink.

Nothing could save the Titanic and nothing can save the United States.

We have been spent into oblivion by our own federal government and allowed to go so far over our heads by the greedy jew bankers that nothing can stop it.

The end isn't far off. Those with gold and silver are sort of like the Titanic passengers with life jackets after the ship sank. Those with life jackets (gold and silver) at least have some hope of surviving or being rescued. The others will all drown.

The stock market is sort of like the Band playing on the deck of the Titanic as the ship sinks; it provides entertainment but its fate is also sealed.

That is the fate of the United States we see unfolding before our very eyes.

Those images will be in my mind as I and men like me, take revenge upon those responsible for this calamity.

Details Here


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) which insures citizen bank deposits up to one hundred thousand dollars, is running out of money due to all the bank failures this year.

According to a Senior Vice President of Risk Analytics, "We've got a ... retail bank run forming in this country."

Hal Turner Commentary: I have repeatedly warned all of you about this dire financial mess and repeatedly told you to prepare for a financial crisis worse than the Great Depression. In this story, they are openly telling us they may not have enough money in the FDIC to protect all depositors in banks that fail.

I urge you to get your money out of the Stock Market and perhaps even your bank immediately. It is your choice if you allow things to sit where they are, but don't be surprised if you wake up one morning and find yourself destitute.

Click Here for further details

"Main Stream" Media now says U.S. on verge of Great Depression!

You know things are really getting bad in financial matters when the U.S. main stream media starts asking if we're on the verge of another great depression.

That's exactly what WFXL-TV31 is now asking and the folks they talked to were blunt: Americans of today "don't have what it takes" to survive the troubles of another great depression.

Details Here


Today, Wednesday, September 17, 2008, the Russian Stock Market was again shut down after stocks crashed for the second day in a row. Yesterday the Russian market lost seventeen percent (17%) of its overall value, today it lost another ten percent (10%) of its overall value.

Details Here

September 16, 2008

**** BREAKING NEWS **** Ninety Percent of failed mortgage loans made to NON-Whites!

In a stunning revelation, a back-office senior supervisor at a large hedge fund has told me that more than ninety percent of failed Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO's) that have caused the huge financial crisis, were made to non-Whites!

In fact, several million bad CDO's were made not only to non-Whites but also to ILLEGAL ALIEN non-Whites!

If this wasn't so dangerous for the rest of us, it would be poetic justice: The whole "embrace diversity" crowd has brought us all to the brink of financial destruction with their religious-like fanaticism!

What totally amazes me is the absolute media blackout of these facts. In whose interest is it to conceal this truth? What purpose could be served by concealing it?

More information as it becomes available. . . . . . .


My advice to those of you who failed to heed my earlier warnings is simple: Get out of the markets right now. Don't wait. There is no hope for the markets. They will not be coming back.

Yes, you're going to take a big loss but at least you'll have something left after the dust settles.

As of today, out of the top five U.S. Brokerage houses, only two remain: Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Over one thousand U.S. Banks are going to fail including, I am told, UBS and Citibank.

The FDIC is already scrapping into reserves long thought sufficient, to bolster depositors for the eleven Banks that have failed so far this year. What are they going to do when 1,000 Banks fail? Where will they get the money from? The short answer: they won't.

Buy small denominations of gold and silver. Take physical delivery of the metal and hold on to it.

We are in for a financial collapse far worse than "the great depression" and there is no way at all to avoid it.

Princeton Economist Says U.S. Banking Network "could disintegrate within days"

The fallout of the Lehman Brothers financial collapse has yet to be fully realized, but one Economist from Princeton University says the U.S. banking network could disintegrate within days.

Ahhhh, yes. This is September, 2008, isn't it? This is, in fact, the very month that I warned the U.S. economy would collapse, isn't it? Now, it appears to be happening.

What? No pithy comeback from all you smart-asses who told me I was chicken little shouting the sky is falling? No arrogant condescension from all you holier than thou douchebags who belittled and besmirched me? No more "Thank God and Greyhound" from the dimwits at Barrett's No smears from the ass twerps or their bankrupt commander at (ANSWP) ?

Gee, the silence is deafening.

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Russian Stock Market Crashes! Down 17% in one day before gov't halts trading

The Russian Stock Market crashed today. The market lost seventeen percent of its value today alone before government stepped-in and halted all trading.

Further details

USA today same as Weimar Germany in 1930's

The financial catastrophes occurring in the United States this month mimic those which occurred in Germany in the early 1930's. In fact, those of us who are students of history, see remarkable similarities.

Who was it that overspent Germany into printing money back in the 1930's? Their politicians. Who is is that has done the exact same thing to America today? Yep, our politicians.

Who was it that profited enormously from government borrowing in 1930's Germany? The Bankers and Brokers.
Who is it that has done the exact some thing to America today? Yep, our Bankers and Brokers.

Who made up the Bankers and Brokers in 1930's Germany? Jews.
Who makes up Bankers and Brokers in America today? Yep, Jews.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I guess the alleged 6 million jews who they claim were slaughtered by Germany, weren't enough of a lesson for them to avoid repeating history.

This time, I suggest a more thorough lesson. Instead of alleged and claimed, I think it should be quite real.

September 14, 2008

Merrill Lynch Sells itself to Bank of America for $44B

To avoid Bankruptcy, Merrill Lynch on Sunday agreed to sell itself to Bank of America for $44 Billion!!!!

This is a staggering sale and gives evidence of the truly dangerous financial peril facing the USA.

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Calling this a "financial tsunami" big shots in the stock and bond market say the expected Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers could spark a meltdown in world stock prices. This could be "the crash" that I and others have been talking about for two years.

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"Main stream" Media begins to ponder the collapse of the US Dollar!!

Only two and a half YEARS after I started sounding the alarm, a "main stream" media outlet is now publicly pondering whether or not the US Dollar is heading for total collapse. It is.

Give a quick read to this article on Worldnetdaily. Then think back over the past couple years and remember how I was screaming from the rooftops about these very issues and no one seemed to care.

This seems to prove how far ahead of everyone else I really was!

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Wall Street Prepares for Lehman Bros. Bankruptcy

The U.S. Financial world is ablaze with back-channel warnings that Lehman Brothers, one of Wall Street's largest brokerage firms, will file Bankruptcy by Midnight tonight (Sunday, 14 September).

Word has it that the U.S. Government will **NOT** bail out Lehman Bros the way they bailed out Bear Stearns.

More details Here