January 8, 2009


Gaza Strip --

The Israeli military has fired deliberately at three United Nations Schools in Gaza.

Video taken from here: http://www.alquds.com/node/128428.

Israel perpetrated these attacks after the faculty administration of the UN schools informed the Israeli Authorities about the presence of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in these schools! The innocent, unarmed men, women and children had fled from their homes and were using these UN schools as a shelter from Israeli strikes and the freezing winter weather.

The Israeli criminals had ordered the Palestinian civilians to leave their homes when the ground war began and Israel was aware of where these civilian stayed. Israel bombed the places anyway! This is a clear act of Genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The UN representative strongly denied that there were militants at any of the schools.

A strongly censored version of this video was shown on Euronews, which confirms that the western media is part and parcel of the Israeli propaganda offensive, covering up and even justifying these bestial war crimes.

If bombing civilians in a school doesn't convince you that Israel is a terrorist state, then the photos below will erase any doubt.

Getty Images has captured one of the most tragic, gut-wrenching scenes from war that anyone has ever caught on film. In four images below, we see a young Palestinian boy holding his mortally wounded mother as she dies in his arms from Israeli bombs.

If I was this boy, I would go out the very next day and slaughter every Israeli - man, woman and child - that I could find. They deserve it. They and their government are terrorists and butchers.

Here's the proof:
The mom knows she's dying and holds her son in her last moments.

Mom tells the boy she's dying but he doesn't want to believe it.

Moments later, mom dies. The son - a silent scream to Heaven.

Nothing will ever satiate the pain this boy now feels.

As his pain turns to hatred - and it will - this kid will grow up to kill jews. I hope he gets a lot of them, they deserve whatever he dishes out.

Making matters far worse, the bombs that did this were AMERICAN MADE. They were dropped by a fighter jet that was AMERICAN MADE.

Both the bombs and the jet were generously supplied BY AMERICA through the $3 - $6 Billion in "foreign aid" we provide to Israel each year.

Israel has been doing this, and things just like it, for over 50 years -- all with the help of my country, America. NOW do you understand why Arabs in the Middle East hate us?

Their hatred has nothing to do with "our freedom" as our dimwit President stated after the attacks of 9-11. Their hatred stems from the bloodshed and death their people suffer at the hands of the Israelis thanks to OUR American government.

If someone bombed YOUR house and YOU held YOUR mom as she died, wouldn't YOU hate the people who did it? Arab/Muslim hatred of America is totally justified.

Until We The People of the United States, reign-in our government, we should not be surprised when people from around the world come here to kill us.

Our failure as citizens to re-take control of our own government is signing our own death warrant.