January 4, 2009

VIDEO: Carnage in the Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip, Palestine -- Take a look a the photo below. It shows the trivial, even laughable result of a Hamas "rocket" attack; a scuff mark on the road! This is what Israel calls a "terrorist attack."
In response, the Israelis have dropped 500 pound, 1,000 pound and even 2,000 pound bombs on civilians inside the Gaza Strip. Below is graphic video of the immediate aftermath of one such Israeli bombing.

The video was shot BEFORE any emergency help arrived at the scene. There is carnage, horror, mayhem and utter bedlam, as civilians find their families, friends, neighbors and children, blown apart in the street. This is video that Israel DOES NOT want you to see.

The next time you hear some dimwit TV-talking-head or Zionist sympathizer say something like "Israel has a right to defend itself" bear in mind the photo above and the video. Then decide for yourself who is to be believed.

The Israelis, who are mostly mentally ill from years of Judaism-required inbreeding, are grossly over-reacting with a level of savagery similar to a rabid animal. Israel appears to be a country of psychotic beasts driven to destroy by inbred mental illness.

Like any other crazed animal, the Israelis deserve to be put down.