February 23, 2009

REPORT: Bio-Weapon used on Sharpton Protesters

New York, NY -- The "Hal Turner Show" has received information indicating a biological weapon virus may have been sprayed onto the crowd attending Al Sharpton's protest at the New York Post this past Saturday.

According to information I received from contacts inside the White Supremacist movement, a Lone Wolf who allegedly used to work with a Shawn Walker, a Molecular Biologist from the National Alliance in West Virginia, posed as a Sharpton supporter to gain access to the protest.

Once inside, the lone wolf allegedly took out a toy-like device, similar to a water pistol and covertly began spraying virus-laden fluid into the crowd, making certain he was upwind from the spray. After the virus was released, the lone wolf allegedly departed quietly.

Additional information I obtained indicates the virus has a seven to ten day incubation period, during which it is contagious. Those infected will likely develop flu-like symptoms: aches, pains, fever, perhaps vomiting, then become weak to the point of needing bed rest. By the time they need bed rest, it is allegedly too late for them.

According to the information I received, this bio-release was a test of sorts. The Lone Wolf is not certain the virus survived being transported in the cold weather or survived being sprayed into such cold air. It may or may not have been inhaled by protesters.

For those reasons, the attack may have failed, but no one will know unless or until Sharpton supporters at the protest start getting sick or die.

Apparently, militant White people have finally had enough of Al Sharpton and his ilk. Clearly, some of them have been working on creating biological weapons to use against him. If true, then it's only a matter of time before someone actually succeeds in infecting Sharpton and any protesters standing around him.

The Lone Wolf allegedly said if this test failed, his next attempt will be at the National Action Network conference at the New York Sheraton Hotel in April. He allegedly thinks the better temperatures inside the hotel will make his future efforts successful.

Editors Note: In the interests of full disclosure, I have NOT been able to verify the claims made. I do NOT know the type or nature of the alleged bio-weapon. I do NOT know the identity of the alleged Lone Wolf. I obtained this information because as a former prominent media figure who supported the Pro-White movement for years, information sometimes comes to me instead of other media personalities. The nature of this information is such that I chose to report it in the public interest. Besides, if AL Sharpton is infected, I will have been the first - and probably only - media outlet to report how it happened!