March 16, 2009

Update on the return of my show. . . . .

As of Monday, March 16, 2009, eleven additional people have sent in contributions to help get the Hal Turner Show back on the air. That brings the total contributors to fourteen.

The show will return on March 25 at 9:00 PM and will be available LIVE via the internet for all to tune-in, but it is only funded for ONE month.

Over the weekend, I brought back my broadcast gear from storage and began testing it. So far so good. The server is totally rebuilt and ready to be shipped to the data center from which it will operate and broadcast the show.

I am also pleased to CONFIRM the following shows will also be back:
"End Day Prophecy Hour" Pastor James P. Wickstrom airing Wednesdays from 8:00 - 9:00 PM ET

"Australia Calling" with Derrick MacThomas airing Thursday 8:00 - 9:00 PM ET

"Think Tank" with Paul Gellar airing Thursdays from 9:00 - 10:00 PM ET

"Survival School for the Common Man" with Ron from Connecticut airing Thursday 10:00 - 11:00 PM ET

In order to keep my show and these other shows on the air beyond one month, we need two hundred (200) people to donate $5 a month to pay the expenses. We need 200, we have 14.

The reason we need your financial help is to pay the following expenses:
* Server co-location in a data center with 1 Gbps data connection to accommodate several thousand simultaneous listener connections at 24 Kbps each -- $619 per month

* Four inbound telephone lines to accommodate callers $59. each through Vonage under their Business Plan-- $240 per month

* Second Cable Modem to accommodate studio data -- $49. per month

* Back-up DSL Line for studio in case of outage or Ddos attack $39. per month

* Server software licensing fee -- $59 per month

TOTAL bare bones cost: $1,006 per month

This doesn't even include music licensing fees for ARISTA, BMI, ASCAP and the like which covers the fees to use their copyrighted music during the shows, copyright filing fees with the Library of Congress, technicians to maintain the server or troubleshoot it when something goes wrong.

$5 s a month shouldn't be too much to ask even though the economy stinks, so I hope you will take a moment to mail your help in right now.

As outlined in the left column of this blog, I cannot accept PayPal or Google payment services because they get shut down. Stormpay is not accepting new accounts, and the bank is still reviewing my application to accept credit cards directly through a Merchant Account. So the only alternative at the present time is for you to tuck a $5 into an envelope and mail it.

Please don't wait. You can send cash check or money order to:
Hal Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900

Those outside the USA can send cash from their country and I will have it converted to US dollars when it arrives.

If you prefer, you can use Western Union to wire transfer the money. If so, please send me the Money Transfer Control number via e-mail at so I can pick the money up.

Thanks for your help and dedication as we bring back TRUTH to the media.