September 20, 2008

I Told You So! CONFIRMED: Mortgage crisis caused by giving loans to Minorities

Four days ago, as we were watching the financial system meltdown, I published a "BREAKING NEWS" item which reported that ninety percent (90%) of the bad loans causing the crisis were made to non-White people (here).

Today, my story is confirmed by none other than FOX NEWS and WorldNetDaily. Give read to this brief article and learn the truth: Our nation is being wrecked by browns and blacks --- and the sicko Whites who advocate for them.

I was stunned to read that the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston put out a manual in the 1990's that warned mortgage lenders to no longer deny urban and lower-income minority applicants on such "outdated" criteria as credit history, down payment or employment income!

In my opinion, this conduct by the Federal Reserve amounts to Breach of Fiduciary Trust and is actionable in court!

FOX NEWS Story Here

WorldNetDaily Story Here