October 31, 2008

Dear Police Officers of America

I have great respect for the police officers of America. They are not merely cops, they are OUR cops. They do not enforce THE law, they enforce OUR law.

When someone attacks a cop, they attack ALL of us.

So it is with a heavy heart that I write to the police officers throughout America with a stern reminder: you enforce the law; you do not engage in political reprisals.

As this is election time in America, we have begun to hear more and more stories about police officers being misused by folks in power, to intimidate and harass their fellow citizens over political matters.

Lawrence, Kansas is the latest police department to have been misused for political purposes. A citizen of Lawrence, KS dropped off a letter to Kim Murphree, the administrator of Lawrence, KS Police Department outlining why he opposes Barack Obama. 15 minutes later, a cop was at his door, threatening him with arrest.

It seems clear to me that Kim Murphree misused her position to play politics This is unacceptable. Intolerable.

Police across America are herewith reminded that they are not the only people who have guns. We citizens have guns too and often, ours are bigger and more powerful than yours.

Police are reminded they are not the only ones with body Armour. We citizens have body Armour too.

Police are reminded that they are not the only ones with radios to call for back-up. We citizens have radios too.

So. . . . . . when anyone with political power asks a police officer to do ANYTHING that can be even remotely viewed as political, I strongly recommend police politely decline to act. They can simply tell the person demanding police action that no law has been broken and they will not engage in anything that may be construed as political intimidation.

Of course, this may not sit well with whomever is trying to misuse the police, but it will most definitely sit well with those of us who control this country -- the citizenry.

If you as a police officer encounter trouble or threats to your job for refusing to engage in political intimidation, just let us citizens know and we will take care of whoever is giving you trouble. You see, ALL of them, answer to us and we can and will straighten them out -- or get rid of them -- (whichever pleases us) if they bother you for refusing to play politics with your job.

In case anyone wishes to contact Kim Murphree about what she allegedly did, the following home addresses were retreived through public record searches showing that Kim Murphree resides at either:

(785) 749-1237


2425 YALE RD

Best regards, and thank you police officers for what you do!

Hal Turner

Details of the Lawrence, KS incident Here