November 1, 2008

Seattle Newspaper Publishes Addresses & Photos of Houses with Republican political signs! Overt attempt to intimidate voters. Now, it's my turn . .

"The Stranger" bills itself as "Seattle's only newspaper." In yesterday's edition, they ran a story called "HELL HOUSES" which identifies by address and photographs, houses in Seattle that display Republican campaign signs.

This is clearly an attempt to intimidate voters and to incite retaliation against those voters. Naturally, authorities can do nothing because the First Amendment protects such free speech.

I say, turnabout is fair play . . . . .

On election day, Tuesday November 4, "The Stranger" is hosting an election party at a place called THE SHOWBOX located at the Market (First and Pike) in Seattle. Doors for this party open at 4 PM; attendees must be 21 and over to get in.

I hereby request White racist Skinheads, Neo-Nazis, members of Aryan Nation, the Aryan Brotherhood, and the Ku Klux Klan to make plans to show up at THE SHOWBOX, well-after it is full of left-wing commie, pinko, fags and show them what real intimidation is!

In case any of you really want to heat things up, here's a link to wikipedia that shows how to make a Molotov Cocktail. But please do not break the law by throwing these things through The SHOWBOX doors (front and back) causing the occupants to be trapped inside and burned alive.

I hope folks who read "The Stranger" appreciate my efforts to help attendance at their event.

If you cannot make it to THE SHOWBOX event, then perhaps you would consider showing up at the homes of "The Stranger" staff for a personal visit? Someone posted the names and home addresses of "The Stranger" staff in the comments area of this story!

Here is the original story in "The Stranger" that overtly attempts to intimidate Republicans. Now, I have availed myself of that same freedom. Ain't free speech grand?