November 24, 2008

Homeland Security and North Bergen, NJ Police in front of my house

North Bergen, NJ -- Being a pain in the ass to government sometimes begets a response; being unafraid of government sometimes begets an intent to intimidate. Such seems to be the case with me this morning.

As of 9:54 AM Eastern Time this morning, the Department of Homeland Security, the State of New Jersey and at least six North Bergen, NJ Police Dept. Vehicles have set up a "Check point" directly in front of MY HOUSE at 1906 Paterson Plank Road, North Bergen, NJ.

Dept of Homeland Security trailer below; click image to enlarge:
Sign announcing "CHECK POINT AHEAD"; click image to enlarge:

Police cars in front of my house with road coned-off AT MY DRIVEWAY! (Click image to enlarge)
How it looks from the roof of my condo building; click image to enlarge:

Look at how many local, state and federal vehicles they have here,
parked in the vacant car wash across the street from my building;
click image to enlarge:
If they have a valid Arrest Warrant, signed by a Judge, then I will cooperate knowing I enjoy Constitutional Protections. If, however, this is the beginning of some type of Homeland Security "ROUND-UP" without a warrant, I will not cooperate; and that would unleash very bad things. . . . . .