November 24, 2008

UPDATE on Fed, State & Local Cops at my house right now

12:15 PM Eastern Time -- As indicated in the story below this one, federal state and local cops have surrounded my house around 9:54 this morning and a heavy police presence remains to this minute.

According to my lawyer, he checked with his inside sources at the US Courthouse in Newark and found out the following:

An Assistant United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey is awaiting a vote by a federal Grand Jury on his effort to indict me for advocating the overthrow of the US Government, advocating the assassination of Congress and for publishing a plan for doing so, against which he allegedly said "the government cannot defend."

My lawyer also said the attempt to indict me arose from an OPINION piece I published on my old web site over TWO YEARS AGO on October 27, 2006; which was then covered by the Drudge Report and WorldNetDaily at the following link:

According to my lawyer, the Grand Jury is out to lunch right now and will be back after 1:00 PM eastern time to vote. He believes that if they indict me, the cops will pounce.

As of 12:18 PM today, my house is completely surrounded. There is a fed van behind my house parked behind some trees as shown below:

An unmarked car is outside my living room window on the south side of my condo building. The three guys inside the car, one with binoculars, was the dead giveaway as shown below:

Several more local police cars have arrived and gone into the parking lot of the vacant car wash across the street, bringing the total of local police vehicles to seven as well as a State of New Jersey Comman Post truck and several vans/SUV's of federal agents:

More details as they become available. . . . . .