November 24, 2008

Something obviously happened - - - - - the cops all left!

2:10 PM Eastern Time -- Obviously, something happened because all the federal, state and local cops surrounding my house since 9:00 this morning, have left. They're gone.

Not a word was spoken to me by any of them before or during their major presence surrounding my house today.

As outlined in the two stories immediately below this one, from around 9 AM until around 2:00 PM today, over a dozen federal, state and local law enforcement vehicles and quite a number of people in them, were positioned in front of, behind and on the sides of my house.

My lawyer was able to find out from his long-time friends inside the federal courthouse that a Grand Jury had been investigating me for over a week and that a vote on an indictment was to take place today. More details about that appear in the story immediately below this one.

The only thing I can think of is that the federal Grand Jury must have refused to Indict me! Nothing else makes sense.

I and my lawyer are endeavoring to get additional information and I will provide it when I get it.

As of now, however, whatever was going on seems to have ended.

Maybe I should start calling myself "Teflon Turner?" Nothing sticks!