November 2, 2008

I have told my employees that any of them who vote for Barack Obama will be laid off

Barack Obama has told the San Francisco Chronicle that it is his intention to bankrupt the coal industry! The interview can be heard in the video below:

As a business owner, I will not stand idly-by while a government SERVANT announces his intent to bankrupt my fellow business owners. As such, I lowered the boom on my employees today.

I made a voice mail announcement this evening to all employees that anyone who votes for Barack Obama can expect to be laid off before others in the company as we enter the slower winter season.

I know this will not sit well with the state and federal governments and frankly I don't care. This is MY company, not theirs. People work for me at MY pleasure, not the pleasure of the government.

Everyone who works for me now understands how this election will impact them personally.

If anyone from government tries to interfere with my decision, I will close the entire company and put all my employees out of work. I will then re-open under a new business name and hire back those who did what I want.

The time for political discussion is over. The time for real action has arrived.

I have shut off the comment feature because I really don't care what anyone thinks about what I've done. This is my company and I decide who works for me and under what circumstances they work for me.

Anyone who doesn't like it - including government - can go to hell.