November 1, 2008

McCain or a "Black Hitler?"

While the lesser of two evils is still evil; I have decided that this election must see John McCain elected President.

Remember the day the verdict was read in the OJ Simpson murder trial? When the jury found OJ Simpson NOT GUILTY, everyone who was Black cheered; Whites looked-on in stunned disbelief.

Whites wondered how a whole race of people could be so willfully blind to the truth; willfully blind to our system of justice; willfully blind to two brutal murders. The upcoming election is exactly the same situation. . . . .

If Barack Obama is elected, he will do to White America what OJ Simpson did to his White wife. Want proof? The Co-Chairman of Obama's campaign compared Obama to OJ Simpson!!!!! See it for yourself in the video below!

When Obama does to White America what OJ Simpson did to his white wife, the whole Black race will stand up and cheer while White people will look-on in stunned disbelief - again. This is literally the horrific choice America faces on election day. They aren't even concealing what they intend to do!!!!

It is clear the Congress will remain Democrat and perhaps give them an even bigger majority, which is exactly why we need the checks and balances of a Republican in the White house.

Without any checks and balances on a liberal Democrat government, we will see our country go Socialist fast, then descend into communism and ultimately, dictatorship. Want proof?

On Saturday, November 1, Barack Obama deviated from his prepared remarks to say this:

What do you think this means? I'll tell you: Obama will create an armed political army to use force against anyone who opposes him just like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe did with his ZANU- PF.

Once Mugabe got into power through the normal election process, he used his ZANU-PF army to beat up or kill any opposition. Doing so has kept Mugabe in power for 25 years. Mugabe remains in power to this very day.

Think I exaggerate? They're doing it already! Look at the video below to see how they are already training militant black kids to do Obama's bidding. . . . .

Let me offer you yet another example: Hitler.

Sturmabteilung - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It played a key role in Adolf Hitler's rise to power in the 1930s. SA men were often called "brownshirts", for the colour of their uniforms...

Sturm Abteilung (SA) : Nazi Germany
In 1921 Adolf Hitler formed his own private army called Sturm Abteilung (Storm Section). The SA (also known as stormtroopers or brownshirts) were instructed ...

Nazi Germany - Dictatorship
To 'keep the peace' and maintain law and order, the SA (the Brown Shirts) roamed the streets beating up those who openly opposed Hitler...
which is EXACTLY PRECISELY the "civilian national security force" Obama just announced in the video above.

Our own Black Hitler. Gee, now there's a thought. In case you haven't figured it out, under a Black Hitler, it won't be Jews being rounded up, it will be . . . . . . Whitey!

If you think I'm over-reacting, or exaggerating when I make the Obama/Hitler comparison, then listen to this 7 minute sermon from a BLACK preacher who says that Obama is Hitler!

I can't stand the choices we have but this election is too important to throw away my vote on a Libertarian or other third party.

Our nation and our White race stand upon a precipice, staring into an abyss. McCain may not be a good candidate, but at least he is White. THAT -- his race -- is why I am voting for him.

Our White race cannot allow a black to do to our country, what blacks like Nelson Mandela did to South Africa, what Robert Mugabe did to Zimbabwe, what David Dinkins did to New York or what Kwame Kilpatrick did to Detroit.

If this election "isn't about race" then why are 93% of blacks voting for Obama? It IS about race and our race must retain control. Period.

If we allow Obama to win, we will lose the greatest nation on earth. Our children and grandchildren will never know what America is really about. Our Founding Fathers will spin in their graves and curse us throughout eternity.

We must talk to ALL our friends and relatives and speak bluntly about why McCain must win. We must get out our vote; take our friends, relatives and neighbors to the polls if we have to. No stone can be left unturned on Tuesday.

Spread the word now: MCain for President or America will die.