November 30, 2008

Pennsylvania State Trooper researched my background; Turnabout is fair play;

Tunkhannock, PA -- Back on May 4 of this year, I ran a story about an incident at a Pennsylvania hospital wherein a hospital worker attacked and injured a patient who was trying to leave.

I found out this morning that after my story ran, the Pennsylvania State Police investigated ME!

Thomas Brozdowski, a dispatcher at the Tunkhannock Barracks of the Pennsylvania State Police, made inquiries to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) to look up records on me, then "withdrew" a slew of his requests after gaining access to whatever records he saw! I'm not certain what it means to "withdraw" a request from NCIC, but I speculate it may be a way to remove any record of his inquiry. If I'm right, that would be a neat way to cover one's tracks after they invaded the privacy of a citizen.

Even more stunning, the police also ran . . . . . . MY 65 YEAR OLD MOTHER!!!

As all of you know, I do not tolerate abuses by government. I routinely go head-to-head with those who think they're above-it-all and often, me going head-to-head with them doesn't turn out well . . . . . for them. Today is one such example.

Since Thomas Brozdowski looked into me, I have decided to look into him.

According to legally obtained public records, Pennsylvania State Police employee Thomas Brodzowski formerly resided at:

RR 1 BOX 442
and had telephone number (570) 254-9543

Public records also indicate that Brodzowski moved to a new address and got a new phone number:

I have evidence he presently resides at:
229 2ND ST
and presently has telephone number (570) 282-2008

Brodzowski is a volunteer Firefighter/EMT, as well the Chief of his fire company's Search and Rescue K9 Unit. He owns a male German Shepherd named Gunner.

I'm also going to be looking into Brodzowski's family, the same way he looked into mine. I'm not certain if Francis T Brozdowski, AND; D L Brozdowski will appreciate that, but maybe Thomas can explain to them why this is happening.

Hey Tom, how do you like it when someone looks into you and your family the same way you did to them? Not a nice feeling is it?

Let this be a lesson to you: Don't misuse the police computer to investigate people who are not suspected of a crime.

You may have thought being a Pennsylvania State Police employee made you invincible. Think again.

*********** UPDATE 10:25 AM ***********************

Evidence Destroyed!!!

After writing the story above, I began further inquiry into the original story about the hospital worker who assaulted the patient and found out something extraordinary: There was hospital security videotape of the entire incident which proved the hospital employee attacked the patient without provocation, BUT. . . . . . .

According to written police reports "The videotape was transported to the local prosecutor's office, placed in a VCR and, while being viewed, the VCR "malfunctioned" destroying part of the tape."

Which part got destroyed? The part showing the hospital employee attacking the patient!!!!!!!

Pennsylvania police and prosecutors, you have just fucked yourselves royally. You have no idea what you've just called-down upon yourselves.

You see, the folks involved in this are fair people. If you play by the rules, then they play by the rules. You have now broken the rules by destroying evidence. It seems to me that gives them license to break the rules.

I have a strong suspicion this situation is going to get very dicey.