November 29, 2008

Mumbai terrorist told "target Whites"

Mumbai (New Dehli) India -- A single, 21 year old terrorist from Pakistan has been captured alive by Indian authorities after the gruesome terrorist attacks in Mumbai this week.

The terrorist has told authorities he was instructed to "target Whites, especially American and British!"

The terrorist claims their plan was to kill at least five thousand (5,000) people by detonating enough bombs to collapse the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. They underestimated the strength of the 105 year old building foundation and could not bring it down.

The fact that they were told to "target Whites" is revealing. It should drive-home to everyone exactly what our race is facing: Brutish sub-humans of various colors, insanely jealous of our intellect and success, who - driven by hateful jealousy - want to strike out and kill us.

Trust when I tell you, the non-whites here in the USA and over in Britain, harbour the exact same jealousy and hatred.

We White folks had better realize that we must stick together based upon RACE; or face utter eradication at the hands of the far-more-numerous non-whites worldwide.

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