November 28, 2008

Latinos shoot, kill each other in Toys R Us!

Palm Desert, CA -- Two "migrants" here in the US illegally, had an argument in a Toys R Us store during which both men drew guns and shot each other to death.

The savagery took place on "black Friday" the busiest shopping day of the year here in the USA.

The first question that comes to my mind is "Who brings a gun to Toys R Us?"

The next question that comes to mind is "Why were these savages in our country?"

The third thing that comes to my mind is how you never hear about White people doing crap like this.

Of course, I'm never supposed to ask questions like that or make observations like the one about us White folk because then I get accused of being racist and intolerant.

You know what? So be it.

It's long past due that we White folk start saying we object to these savages and make more of an effort to get them out of our land.

Full details here

************ UPDATE, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2008 **************
I caught a lot of criticism for claiming the savages were illegal alien Latinos because the story I linked-to above did not reveal that. I had verified it through my own sources. I can now provide corroboration via the Associated Press (AP) which confirms the shooters as Alejandro and Juan.
Two more brown, squat monsters bite the dust!

Confirmed Here