November 28, 2008

Sodomite attempts to rape, then kills, straight guy

Remember the gay guy named Mathew Shepherd who was murdered in Wyoming? For weeks, ney, months, we heard about how this poor guy was brutally murdered by two evil straight guys.

Today, meet Jason Shepherd (no relation to Mathew). Jason was a 23 year old straight guy that a degenerate homo drugged with the date-rape drug GHB. When the drug took effect, the homo tried to rape Jason Shepherd and when Jason fought back, the homo murdered him.

The silence from the gay community is deafening.

Matthew Shepherd was their cause celeb. Jason Shepherd? Not even on their radar.

Once again, the hypocrisy of queerdom is on display for all to see. When one of their own drugs, tries to rape then murders, the queers don't say a word.

Full details here