December 8, 2008

Caught them again! Gov't snoops trap my intellius account!

When I want to find out where a person lives, I use various services which track public records, utility bills and the like. It's all completely legal but very un-nerving for the target of some of my activities.

I used these services to track the home addresses of 64 United States Senators last year as they attempted for a fourth time to defy "the will of the people" by passing Amnesty for illegal aliens. I released those addresses and private unlisted phone numbers just 12 hours before the final Senate vote and my audience went into overdrive. Within 12 hours, they managed to "convince" at least 18 of those 64 U.S. Senators that it would be really bad . . . . for the senators . . . . if they continued defying us. The next day, the Amesty Bill went down to defeat. This won me enemies in powerful places.

I've used those same services to identify the home addresses of state and federal Judges when their rulings on subjects from Gay Marriage to illegal aliens, bothered me. I published the Judge's addresses in order to allow the general public to tell the judges what they thought of particular decisions. I figured if the Judges were so proud of what they'd done on the bench, they shouldn't mind everyone knowing where they live. This won me more enemies.

Most recently, when I found out that members of the Pennsylvania State Police ran me and my 65 year old mom through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), I looked into their backgrounds and published their home addresses. This too, won me enemies.

Despite repeatedly sticking my finger in the eye of the most powerful government on earth, despite taking-on their judges, despite taking on state police, nothing much ever happened to me over my antics; until today.

Today, when I attempted to log-in to the main service I use for this purpose,, I got an error message saying my account had been temporarily disabled and to call Customer Service. I did.

The customer service guy told me he couldn't find any reason for my account to have been disabled and asked me to hold while he checked with a supervisor. After a few minutes, he came back on the line and said their IT department had been asked by "a governmental entity" to place a "trap" on my account so they know who I am researching!

He made clear he was not supposed to tell me this and that he could be fired if I told his employer.

I won't tell his employer but I will say this to the government: You're too late.

Not only do I have more than one account at more than one information service company, my other accounts are listed under other names, under company names, and paid for with credit cards in names other than my own.

I never conducted important inquiries on my personal account! I used computers outside my house to access those other accounts. I stored the data in places you can't get to.

So "trap" all you want. I already got ya. ALL of you!

I know the home addresses of:
a) Every member of the US House of Representatives, AND;
b) Every member of the US Senate, AND;
c) Every sitting federal Magistrate, District Court Judge, Circuit Court of Appeals Judge and US Supreme Court Justice, AND;
d) Every member of President Bush's Cabinet and even the pending members of the Obama Cabinet, and;
e) Every member of the federal reserve Board of Governors and the top people at every regional federal reserve Bank, AND;
f) All the Joint Chiefs of Staff and heads of the various military commands

More importantly, I know where all the CEO', CFO's and ALL members of ALL the boards of directors of ALL the major corporations in this country live, where all their summer / winter homes are; and the like.

I have it all. I got it all legally and I disseminated all of it to multiple people in multiple places both inside and outside the USA.

There is NOTHING you can do about it. No legal action you can take. No way to force me to give up the information. No way to get the information back.

You folks with power have just been blind-sided by one of us "little people." so here's a piece of advice:

Behave yourselves and you'll have nothing to worry about. Keep mis-behaving, wrecking the currency, shipping jobs out of the USA, hiring H-1B visa foreigners over Americans . . . . . . . and you risk everything.

The jig is up for you. I and my compatriots are playing for keeps.

P.S. I'm a superstitious man. So if something should happen to me, if I should overdose on some drug, be shot by some policeman, hang myself in a jail cel, blow my brains out. . . . . . or be struck by a bolt of lightning, ALL the information will go public immediately.