December 2, 2008

Gov't Tells Youtube to shut me off over AMERO

I found out this morning that my account at YouTube has been permanently shut off at the request of the United States government!

According to Keith in YouTube/Google client services, officials from the United States Treasury Department visited YouTube/Google yesterday evening and allegedly told YouTube/Google that my video exposing plans to exhaust the U.S. Dollar and replace it with the AMERO (seen by over 600,000 people) "was destabilizing the U.S. Dollar."

They asked YouTube/Google to pull the video and permanently prevent me from uploading other videos to their system because "my material is subverting the federal government and is thus a threat to national security."

YouTube/Google pulled the video and shut off my account.

Even though the video did not violate YouTube/Google terms of service, did not violate their acceptable use policy and did not break any law, my account is shut off.

I just thought all of you should know because if they can do this with my YouTube account, they may try to do it with this free blogspot account.

If this blog suddenly disappears, I will resurrect my old web site domain and be back within a few days.