December 2, 2008


The march toward complete financial collapse of the USA is accelerating out of control. According to the US Treasury, "hundreds of banks" have asked for emergency help from the government.

To help you understand the frightening implications of this, consider the following:

Since the "financial crisis" began in September, The Treasury Department has injected $150 billion in capital by buying preferred shares in 52 institutions. 52 banks, $150 billion.

Todays news that "hundreds of banks" are now in danger of failing caught my attention, so I contacted my sources inside the Treasury and I almost fell over when they told me: "Five hundred twenty additional banks are failing; ten times the number of banks that have already been bailed out."

Do the math: If 52 banks needed $150 billion, 520 banks could translate into one point five TRILLION.

That isn't the worst of it. The chart below (click image to enlarge) shows that our nation has already committed EIGHT POINT FIVE TRILLION to the financial mess and of that, they've already disbursed THREE POINT TWO TRILLION.
Ask yourself this simple question: Where are they getting this money? The simple answer: They're printing it.

Let's not forget that the money listed above is ON TOP OF the ten trillion dollars the government already owes from past deficit spending!

Do the math again:
$1.5 Trillion needed for another 520 failing banks
$8.5 Trillion committed to more financial bailouts
$10 Trillion in national debt from years of deficit spending.
$20 TRILLION dollars in total (so far)

Let me put this in better perspective for you. $20 Trillion dollars divided up among each of our 300 million citizens amounts to sixty-six-thousand, six-hundred sixty-six dollars ($66,666.) for every man, woman and child! Wow. That's like a satanic number!

Need further perspective? If you took a loan for the $66,666 at one percent (1%) interest per year for ten (10) years, you would need to pay $584.06 per month for you, your wife/husband and each one of your children! For my family (Me, Wife, one son) that would be 1752.08 per month for ten years!!

You're a smart person. I know you're smart because you read this blog! As a smart person ask yourself: How long is it going to be before the rest of the world says to themselves "The USA is totally bankrupt, they can't even hope to repay all the money they've borrowed, the US dollar isn't worth the paper its printed on because they printed so much of it, we're not going to accept it as money anymore."

I'll tell you how long it will be: The end of February or early March 2009. Best case? Late June, 2009. That's it.

At this point I think it is worth reminding all of you that in December 2007 and January, 2008, I warned everyone via my radio show and web site that "September is going to see major financial upheaval." I told everyone when and why. It happened exactly as I warned. So I hope you heed my warning about total financial collapse early next year.

That's when the shit is really gonna hit the fan and this nation will fall into complete, total, economic collapse. A collapse brought about by our own federal government spending us into oblivion.

Why do you think they re-deployed an active duty Army Combat Brigade with 4700 troops and support personnel from Iraq back here to the USA? Why do you think the Pentagon announced yesterday they are going to increase the number of combat troops inside the US from its present 4700 up to 20,000? They KNOW the shit's gonna hit the fan.

When the economy fails -- and it will -- they are terrified about what We The People might do.
They are afraid we might (rightfully) blame the government for wrecking our nation and that we might take retribution upon them by force.

It's good they're afraid. They ought to be.

I have compiled a compete list of the home addresses of every member of the House of Representatives, every member of the U.S. Senate, all nine Justices on the Supreme Court and a slew of other federal Judges in the various Circuit Courts of Appeal and District Courts.

I have the home addresses of all the members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and every key person at every regional federal reserve bank.

When the shit hits the fan, I am going to publish those addresses so the folks out here in the real world who have suddenly found they've lost everything, can pay a visit to those responsible for it!

Oh, and in case you folks in law enforcement think you can grab me up and throw me into some dungeon to prevent the release of that info. . . . . . I've already distributed CD's with the info to quite a number of people whom I trust. They, in turn are making copies and sending those to people they trust.

The CD's were sent with instructions to IMMEDIATELY disseminate that info as soon as they hear I have been grabbed.

So there is no way at all the government can prevent "being held accountable."

I am also presently researching the home addresses of all the Bankers and other financial hot shots involved in stocks, bonds, money markets, mutual funds and the like. Their home addresses are going out too!

When the whole system collapses, it won't just be government types that get paid a visit; it will be the financial hot shots too.

There's going to be retribution for the destruction of our financial system and our country. Nothing can prevent that retribution -- except if they find some way to stop the financial catastrophe they have caused. I wish them luck.