December 14, 2008

Illinois Governor has so much "dirt" on so many legislators they will not impeach but instead will PAY HIM TO NOT WORK!

After the Governor of Illinois was arrested by FBI agents for trying to sell the vacant US Senate seat of Barack Obama, demands for the governor to resign were rampant. The Governor refused to quit.

After it became clear the Governor would not resign, members of the Illinois state legislature started making noises about Impeaching him. The Governor allegedly threatened the legislators privately that if they Impeached him, he would "rat all of them out for all the things he knows they did." Suddenly and quite inexplicably all talk of impeachment ended.

Today, things got surreal. Instead of demanding this criminal governor resign; instead of impeaching him; there is now talk of allowing him to "remove himself" while retaining his pay as Governor! Yea. You read that right. They are talking about PAYING HIM TO NOT WORK.

He must have a whole boatload of "dirt" on the Illinois State Legislature. What other explanation could there be?

Folks in Illinois would do well to realize exactly what the hell is going on in their state government. It appears it is a literal cesspool of criminals.

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