December 27, 2008

Inauguration faces credible bio-weapon threat; insurrection threats

Washington, DC -- The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is working feverishly to thwart what they believe is credible evidence of a planned bio-weapons attack during the Inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20.

According to sources who demanded anonymity for fear of being fired and prosecuted over revealing national security information, Domestic groups obtained several different genetically-engineered, militarized, bio-weapons from laboratories that lost security and were ultimately destroyed when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans several years ago.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) routinely licenses labs to research bio-weapons with the goal of improving the possibility of curing them if an enemy unleashed such an attack. Quite a number of these laboratories were located in the southern United States and in Louisiana in particular, when Hurricane Katrina struck.

Prior to the arrival of the hurricane, labs were told to euthanize test animals and lock-up or destroy their bio-weapon samples. Most did. Some did not. (Would you destroy your life's work?)

When the hurricane struck, electricity and telephone lines were cut, meaning security at all the labs was totally offline. Several hours went by between the time security was rendered useless and the time that the labs themselves were blown down or destroyed by floods.

After the hurricane struck, it became clear to federal authorities that not only were some test animals not killed, they got loose when the labs were blown down. They remain loose to this day, spreading the diseases with which they were infected to other animals.

It is also widely known in national security circles that "many active cultures" of military grade bio-weapons were intentionally stolen by former lab workers who intended to earn huge money by selling those bio-weapons to the highest bidders.

According to the source from DHS, authorities know for a fact that the following biological weapons were acquired by unauthorized persons: Weapons grade Anthrax, weapons grade Y-Pestis (Pneumonic plague), genetically-modified mousepox and, worst of all, militarized smallpox. All of these diseases have a 75% and higher mortality rate. (At least 75% of those who become infected, die.)

According to the source from DHS, federal authorities have information that the weapons will be used to attack the inauguration in a manner that cannot be defended against. DHS has been told weapons grade biological materials will be placed inside helium-filled balloons which are tied shut with the same type of fuse cord found on typical firecrackers.

The poison-filled balloons can be driven in cars, vans or trucks to a position near the inauguration which can take advantage of prevailing winds, which would carry the balloons over the crowds.

Once the fuses are lit, the balloons could be released, the wind would carry them over the crowd and when the burning fuse hits the thin rubber balloons, they will pop, dumping their deadly payload over the assembled crowds.

Short of grabbing the groups involved prior to inauguration day, there is no way to prevent such an attack. If such balloons are released, there is no way to round them up before the fuse burns causing the balloon to pop. Authorities also cannot shoot down the balloons because shooting them will cause the same release.

Civil Insurrection?

If the potential bio-weapons attack isn't bad enough, there is also word of coordinated civil insurrection on the same day. According to a source within the FBI, groups unhappy with the present economic crisis, intend to attack and overthrow the US government by mass assassinations of members of Congress and the Senate.

Adding to the danger is yet another group of furious Americans who are allegedly planning to kill members of the US Supreme Court for refusing to deal with the very legitimate questions surrounding the citizenship of Barack Obama.

The U.S. Constitution requires Presidents to be "natural born citizens." According to wide ranging and reputable sources, Barack Obama was born in Kenya and thus is not a "natural born citizen."

Despite proof from several reputable sources incluiding the Kenyan Ambassador to the United States who confirmed Obama was, in fact, born in Kenya, courts in various states have refused to consider the issue. The US Supreme Court has refused at least two of those cases.

These groups allegedly say that if the Constitution is not obeyed, then a Barack Obama Presidency would be totally illegitimate. They view the courts as co-conspirators in violating the Constitution and several of these groups allegedly plan to attack the court members, using the massive crowds attending the inauguration as cover to make their escape.

Justices of the Supreme Court may have one chance left to avoid such a confrontation; they have scheduled another "conference" about the Obama issue for January 16. Four days before inauguration day.

More details as they become available. . . . . . .