December 27, 2008


Ridgefield, NJ -- As previously reported on this web blog ( here), additional prisoner-transport-rail-cars have once again been found in a secluded rail yard off the New Jersey Turnpike at mile post 116.6, southbound on the western spur.

In the previous story at the link above, I obtained actual video of the rail cars when I first found them at night. Within 12 hours of publication of that original story, the first set of prison rail cars were moved somewhere else.

This latest photo, from the same rail yard, shows more prison cars in the same rail yard!

The image below, taken in the DAYLIGHT, clearly shows more of the FEMA-purchased rail cars have been shipped just 6 miles outside of mid-town New York City. This latest shipment brings to more than 100, the number of prison rail cars outside of metropolitan New York City.
(Click image to enlarge)
Each rail car has three levels, with shackles welded inside to hold upwards of two hundred fifty (250) prisoners in each car.

Clearly, the federal government is intent on rounding up many, many people and is strategically locating it's prison rail cars for that purpose.

Prepare yourselves, a real fight is likely coming soon.