December 21, 2008

Release the addresses

Those of you to whom I sent CD's containing home addresses of those responsible for the current situation in our country, are hereby authorized and requested to release LOCAL addresses of LOCAL "persons of interest" to your LOCAL movement team members.

Compartmentalize the release of the information so that no one person on any local team knows all the local addresses; we don't want a leak of this information to those who may try to stop us.

Instruct each local team to casually familiarize themselves with the locations they are assigned, BEFORE CHRISTMAS EVE.

A day or two after Christmas, have a meeting with your local team to go over in what order these locations will be "visited" once we decide to "go."

We are heading into the endgame of a very high stakes project. Those of you who have been with me from the start know what's at stake. We HAVE to do this. There is no choice; no fixing things by other means. We're in this thing and we're in it until it's done.

It doesn't get any more real than this. With the stakes so high, we have to get it right every time whereas those who would stand against us only need to get it right once to screw everything up.

Series 8's will be first. More updates later this week.

To those of you who read this and have no idea what I'm talking about, don't feel bad. I've been planning for years with trusted friends to take care of some things and the time draws near when all we've planned will be done. To help prepare you- the general public - for what's coming, read what I published on November 20