December 21, 2008

Osama / Obama . . . . same guy

Is Obama actually Osama? Watch the 4 minute video comparison below and look who you morons just elected as President.

The powers-that-be who actually run this country from behind the scenes KNOW that a majority of you are stupid. So. . . . . . they play games with each other to see just how stupid you really are.

These types of government lies and manipulations are nothing new. For instance, they pulled the Gulf of Tomkin incident to start the Vietnam War -- and you believed it.

They pulled-off the attacks of 9-11 and many of you actually believed:
1) A guy named Osama Bin Laden, wearing a filthy rag on his head, orchestrated the attacks from some cave in Afghanistan, AND;
2) The most powerful air force in the world couldn't intercept a couple hijacked planes before they hit the twin towers , AND;
3) A plane hit the Pentagon even though there was no plane wreckage (NONE. No seats, no engines, no landing gear. . . . nothing)

Yes, you swallowed 9-11 hook-line and sinker.

So, the powers-that-be asked themselves, if we have a population this gullible, what could top 9-11t? They came up with election 2008!

When it comes to being downright stupid, in election 2008, 58 million of you took the proverbial cake! You proved to be such complete dimwits that you actually voted for what appears to be the very "terrorist" you were told perpetrated 9/11 and, were too stupid to see it even though it was right in front of you! Take a look:

To those who really run this country from behind the scenes I want to say; the jig is up. It's long overdue you be held accountable for the games you've played for so long. To that end I have issued the posting below this one to commence the accountability process. All your money and all your power isn't going to do you one bit of good when we come calling.