December 21, 2008

Gov't toughens bail on $50 Billion Jew scammer just 36 Hours after I suggest Vigilante treatment;

New York, NY -- Just 36 hours after this web site suggested "Vigilante treatment" of the thieving jew who bilked investors out of $50 Billion, the government revoked Bernard Madoff's ability to leave his house AND demanded he pay for security guards to prevent anyone from harming him!

They also demanded the installation of an emergency signaling system wired directly to the FBI in case something happens. I don't know what good that will do; even the FBI isn't able to get through New York City traffic in time to prevent anything or catch anyone!

Besides, what good is a signaling device or security guards if, (hypothetically) someone fires a rifle shot into the filthy bastard through his living room window from a nearby high-rise? Uh Oh, they'll probably want security guards on nearby rooftops now! (It's so much fun screwing with the minds of these pricks)

According to ABC News, Madoff lives at 133 East 64th St., in New York City. (wink wink, hint hint)

Full details about bail modification here