December 15, 2008

Washington DC to OUTLAW activism near private homes!

Apparently, protests near the homes of politicians has struck a real nerve in Washington, DC. The city council is attempting "emergency" legislation to outlaw activism in front of private residences.

Councilwoman says she supports free speech BUT. . . . . will outlaw "standing, marching, congregating, parading, demonstrating or patrolling. . . ." at the homes of politicians or other officials.

This is the second protest-related bill that DC has passed this year. Watered-down noise restrictions approved in June restrict daytime noncommercial speech in residential neighborhoods to no more than 80 decibels when measured from inside the nearest occupied home.

If it hasn;t been obvious to you in the past, this ought to make clear our elected officials do NOT want to hear from us. They use staff to intercept letters, phone calls, faxes and e-mails, then ignore them. They have police cordon-off areas around their offices to keep protests far away. Now, they don't want us near their homes.

Do you really still believe they "represent" us at all? They don't.

Our Founding Fathers revolted over taxation without representation. We have it far worse today. We have only the ILLUSION of representation and far worse taxation.

When will we rise up to restore citizen control over our government?

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