January 4, 2009


Indianapolis, IN -- The Internet stings police consider key to protecting minors from sexual predators may lose some of their power after two recent Court of Appeals rulings.

The use of undercover investigators as bait in Internet chats has become routine because the attraction for law enforcement is the lack of an actual victim. Cops pose as kids on the internet. Those cops go into kid chatrooms and wait for adult pervs to make contact. When the pervs do their thing, the cops bust them. (Thank God!)

Now, thanks to a couple perv-ish Judges, lack of an actual victim has become the basis for the reversal of two convictions against a Shelbyville, IN man by the Indiana Court of Appeals.

The Court ruled 2-1 that attempted sexual misconduct with a minor, a Class B felony, requires that the victim be a minor; an undercover officer doesn't count.

So even though the adult perv thought he was going to illegally bone a child, (criminal intent) and did in fact try to meet what he thought would be a child for illegal sex, the court says none of that matters. No kid, no crime.

Pardon me while I throw up.

You folks in Indiana who have been planning with me for our national cleansing of government filth - scheduled for the not-to-distant future - had better go out and buy more rope. It appears we have to add two more Judges to a list of filth that needs to "swing."

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