January 4, 2009

30 Seconds and a baseball bat to fix America

Imagine this hypothetical scenario:

You're walking on Main Street in your town in broad daylight. There are people going in and out of stores, car whizzing by on the street and up ahead, you see one of "them."

By "them" I mean a corrupt, arrogant guy. . . . . . like one of the scummy elected state or federal officials, OR an "activist" state or federal Judge OR some corporate hot shot that exported a whole slew of jobs, OR maybe a Banker/Broker who lost everybody's life savings. . . . . .all corrupt, arrogant guys.

As you get closer, you notice a "Common man" walking up the street with a baseball bat. He's heading toward the corrupt arrogant guy.

The Common man with the baseball bat has a look on his face that tells you, instinctively, he's gonna hit the corrupt arrogant guy in the head with the bat.

So you pick up your cell phone and dial 911 because you just KNOW what's about to happen.

911 answers, you tell them what's going on and they say, we've got a cop around the corner, he'll be there in 30 seconds. You hang up.

But it's too late.

As you expected, the Common man with the baseball bat takes his first swing. CRAAAAACK! The corrupt arrogant, guy's head spews blood and down he goes.

Now ask yourself this question: In the 30 seconds it's gonna take the cops to arrive, how many more times can the Common man with the baseball bat hit the , corrupt arrogant guy in the head?

All of a sudden, 30 seconds is an awfully long time.

The cops come, the common man gets arrested. He gets tried, convicted and sentenced.

Around 5 or 6 years later, right about the time the common man is coming out of prison, HOPEFULLY the corrupt arrogant guy is coming out of his coma! Life goes on.

It seesm to me that if enough of us Common men did this exact thing to enough of the corrupt arrogant guys, it would change this country for the better overnight.

You see, the corrupt arrogant guys think no one can - or would DARE - hit them in the head with a baseball bat. They're sadly mistaken.

IF and when this starts happening,it will be a wonderful thing with immediate, wonderful results.

Those who weren't corrupt and arrogant would make damn sure they didn't become that way and those who were elected or appointed to fill the now-vacant spots (created by the baseball bats) would make damn sure they didn't cause trouble either!

The problems of this country, caused by the corrupt, the arrogant, the activist judges and the elite thieving snobs, would be fixed instantly.

You see, folks, I personally believe that our country is soooooooooo far gone; soooooooo debased; sooooooo socially wrecked, soooooo immoral . . . . . . . and the electorate is so incredibly dumbed down and dis-interested. . . . . . . that it is going to take dramatic physical action by a small minority of us Patriots, to make things right.

You may disagree, but I truly believe it's gonna take some ass kicking.

You know, I actually hope it comes to that. I have my Louisville slugger polished and ready to go.

I already know where all my state and federal elected officials live. I know where the judges live and . . . . . I have a list.

I may not get to my whole list, but I figure I'm good for a few if the shit hits the fan.

Do you know where YOUR officials live. Do you have YOUR Louisville slugger? They're inexpensive, easy to buy and you don't need a permit to have one . . . . . . yet. Most importantly, do YOU have a list?

The way things are going, Baseball might have to become our national pastime again - albeit on a very different playing field -- like Main Street. I look forward to that day.