January 5, 2009

URGENT! J.P. Morgan Said bankrupt within 48 hours

New York, NY -- At about 10:30 EDT last night, I got a call from a friend in Los Angeles whom I've known for a couple years. After exchanging the Christmas and New Year pleasantries, he delivered the bad news, saying: "JP Morgan is broke; they're gone in 48 hours."

I was shell shocked. J.P. Morgan has been around for ages. They own Chase Manhattan Bank, now JP Morgan/Chase. Didn't JP Morgan just buy WaMu or somebody like that????? How the hell could they be broke?

Unlike my previous alerts to you, ALL of which proved to be "spot-on-accurate", this one I'm not so sure about. That said, I've now told all of you what I was told so you can take whatever action you deem necessary to save your assets. This is extremely urgent. SPREAD THE WORD RIGHT NOW.