January 7, 2009

CHINA REFUSES TO BUY MORE U.S. DEBT! Is it time to kill Congress?

Beijing, China -- The People's Republic of China is "balking" at buying additional U.S. Debt, telling the US government they no longer have full faith in the credit of the USA!

China presently holds more US debt than any other country on earth, including $2.5 TRILLION in actual U.S. cash from the ongoing trade imbalance.

With Washington DC announcing today they expect "deficits in excess of one trillion dollars per year" for the next few years, the rest of the world is FINALLY starting to realize the US dollar isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

The federal government of the USA is broke. They are financially busted out. The sole reason they can continue existing (for now) is their ability to PRINT cash money.

If the US Governemnt was any other entity, they would have been forced into bankruptcy court and liquidated by now. They would not exist anymore. I like the sound of that!

This financial bust-out was done by the Congress of the United States, (meaning the House of Representatives and the Senate) which is the ONLY branch of government able to spend money and incur debt. No one else is to blame. No one else had the constitutional authority to do this.

435 people in the US House and 100 more in the US Senate have, over maybe 20 years, been more interested in buying votes to stay in power than they were in the fiscal health of the entire nations.

You see, to the folks in elected office, WE don't matter. The country itself doens't matter. The only thing that matters to them is getting and keeping power. So they stole the social security trust fund and looted countless other government reserves to create new give-aways for the lazy and undeserving, so the lazy and undeserving would vote them back into office.

Congress has succeeded in utterly destroying the USA, by spending us into oblivion.

I think that we citizens ought to return the favor by heading over to the homes of members of Congress and sending THEM into oblivion.

Not just the ones in there now, but the ones who retired or got voted out over the past ten to fifteen years, too!

They should be made to pay such a horrible price personally, that no one who succeeds them for the next 200 years will dare do what they did for fear of the same thing happening to them.

I personally would LOVE to star killing members of the House and Senate. I'm no longer afraid or even concerned with saying that in public because there isn't a friggin thing they can do about it. I think killing members of the House and Senate would be the right thing to do, right now, for the right reasons. Of course, you may disagree, but who cares what you think?

Please don't whine to me with the useless caveats about how "violence never solves anything" or how "two wrongs don't make a right." Those phrases were created by people who were cowards, to justify their fear of fighting for what's right or fighting for what is necessary.

Violence solves everything.

If I have my way, that will become evident to the entire world very soon.