January 21, 2009


New York, NY -- While TV brought you the "breaking news" of the plane crash in the Hudson River, few media outlets provided you with photos of the recovery of the plane.

As many of you know, my 8 year radio show enjoyed a very large following by rank and file police officers. Here in the New York City area where I live, they tuned-in to my show on 95.1 FM and they absolutely LOVED it when I slammed minority crime and the politically-correct bosses who made excuses for it.

Thanks to those police officers, I have incredible access to confidential information and am routinely allowed to cross police and fire lines to grab gritty details. In this case, even though federal authorities secured the area for investigative purposes, I was still able to get in and get the pictures below.

While even the biggest media outlets were kept blocks away, I got pics of the recovery directly from the rescue barge!

Here now, some photos of the recovery from the Hudson River, of the U.S. Airways plane
which crash landed last week. No other media outlet anywhere can provide these photos!

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