January 22, 2009


Parisppany / Lake Hiawatha, NJ -- In what might be described as the most idiotic misuse of police power in history, two boneheads from the Parsippany, NJ police department have arrested 6 high school kids for drawing a swastika in the snow.

Officer Matthew LaManna and Det. Sgt. Richard Ala, hereafter referred to as "Dumb and Dumber," were called after the spouse of a car owner saw the kids draw a swazi in the snow on a vehicle. Dumb and dumber found the kids shortly after and brought them to police headquarters.

I've got to wonder whether dumb and dumber are just stupid or if they're so jewified that they didn't stop to realize that folks from the Indian sub-continent use the swastika as a sign of good health and good luck. Perhaps they're too moronic to realize that in Christianity, the swastika is called a Gammadeon and represents four occurences of the Greek Symbol Omega, each one standing for one of the four Books of the Gospel, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Only the mentally-ill jews recoil in horror at a swastika and it is these same mentally ill kikes that press hard for cops to arrest people for symbols rather than actions.

I wonder if either Dumb or Dumber are jews themselves. Or perhaps the "spouse of the car owner" is a filthy jew. I've decided to look into the backgrounds of the cops and the "spouse" and will report back soon.

In the meantime, sit back and wonder as I do, where the brains have gone in law enforcement these days. Clearly they don't exist in the Parisppnay, NJ police department.

You know, maybe Parisppany needs a rally? My kind of rally. The kind where I bring real Nazis with real swastikas, parading up the main street of town. The kind of rally where I bring real Ku Klux Klansmen, in full regalia. The kind of rally where I send in men from Aryan Nations a few days prior to stir the shit in town?

Those of you familiar with me know that I use rallies to cost cities money. Lots of
money. The kind of rally that costs the city a couple hundred thousand dollars to keep secure. HMMMMMM. That may be a way to remind the local cops they ought to use their power more carefully before engaging in this kind of horse shit prosecution.

I did such a rally in Kingston, NY, cost that city about $80,000 in one hour. I did a rally in Kalamazoo, MI, costing that city about $130,000 in an hour. I attended one such rally in Knoxville, TN, costing that city about $200,000. Lets not forget the Lansing, MI rally run by NSM. That cost the city almost $500,000 to protect the state house while me and 150 Nazis paid a visit one day. Of course, there was last April 19, in Washington, DC where the US Capitol Police needed their entire department, plus help from the feds to deploy over 1500 police officers (400 in full riot gear) around the US Capitol to make certain we didn't take out the federal government! That little gem cost them well over a million dollars.

Yes, rallies are an effective tool and one that may have to be used in Parsippany next!

Take this message to the police department of Parisppany: We're watching.

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