January 22, 2009

Obama Advisor: White Males Need Not Apply

Washington, DC -- On January 7, before Barack Obama even took the oath of office, one of his fellow negroes, Congressman Charles Rangel from Harlem was holding a hearing about economic stimulus.

At the hearing, former Clinton Administration Labor Secretary, Robert B. Reich, told the committee that stimulus funds to repair and rebuild infrastructure would be a quick way to stimulate the economy BUT. . . . . . the money ought not go to "high-skilled professionals or white male construction workers." (Yea, he REALLY said that!)

Naturally, Charlie Rangel agreed with Mr. Reich.

I've got news for Robert B. Reich and Congressman Charles Rangel (and the entire US Congress too): I have the ability to intentionally incite massive racial violence throughout this country. If you proceed with such plans, I may choose to actually use that ability.

I can bring neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members and other militant White activists into every urban, inner-city area of every city in this country -- UNANNOUNCED IN ADVANCE - and our mere presence would cause those neighborhoods to erupt immediately in racial violence.

When the violence occurs, the local cops will respond and, as ALWAYS happens, the neighborhood savages will quickly change the focus of their violence from us to the police.

We get to leave while the cops get to be attacked and the savages burn down their own neighborhoods -- like during the Rodney King riots! Pretty neat trick, huh?

Think I'm kidding? We've done it before.Toledo , OH in 2006. We showed up, unannounced, ten square blocks of the city erupted in racial violence. Orlando, FL, 2007 - we showed up and the local savages went berserk.

I can make block after block after block of every major city in this nation, burn in racial violence and I am perfectly willing to do so if you undertake deliberate discrimination against White people.

You are warned. Be very careful with public policy matters because you are literally playing with fire.

I don't care one wit about the police, the FBI, the JTTF, courts, judges or lawyers. I have the power to do this and I am willing to do it if , in my sole judgment, it is necessary.

Watch the video below and behold the overt racism being planned against we White people, then prepare to join with me as we do whatever has to be done.