January 3, 2009

Jew delights in Whites becoming minority!

Yesterday, I received the following e-mail from a guy in Phoenix:

ADAM STEIN WROTE: some of what you say sounds true,but the problem is your a racist.PROOVE OBAMA wasnt born here! I think ya just hate black people.Im white,raised in the ghetto in Brooklyn N.Y. my girlfriend is black and I would kick your fat out of shape ass if you disrespected her.

I replied:
Stein? That's a jewish name, isn't it? If so, then I hate to tell you but you are not White. You're a mongrel from a race of vipers, which is probably why you sleep with a she-boon.

ADAM STEIN THEN REPLIED: yup jewish and ya know what I weigh 220 ride with the HELLS ANGELS,AND and will kick your ass PUNK! You are a PUNK ASS WHITE PIECE OF SHIT! hows it feel to be the minority BITCH?! I bench press 500 pounds wanna dance wit me asshole? Just name the time and place punk cause I got the money to hop on a plane and come meet you asshole.God forgives HELLS ANGELS DONT! I will kick your ass and let one of my pitbulls but fuck you asshole! Im a jew you dont wanna fuck with,I have been beating assholes like you down all my life. The Aryan Brotherhood out here in Phoenix Fear me cause I have killed 3 of them. DONT LET ME FIND YOU BITCH!

So I replied:
My address is on my web site. Feel free to drop by anytime. Just make sure you get your affairs in order before you come.

ADAM STEIN REPLIED: and my address is 2036 east osborn rd,phoenix az you cant miss my house because I have the Hells Angells death head logo on my garage door. I am in touch with my brothers in N.Y., we will deal with you. Im da type of thug that will kill your family and let you live to see it. I dont care who knows what I do. A.F.F.A. 81!

So I responded:
Maybe you're just too stupid to know your own address but according to my guys in Phoenix who just drove down your block, this is a photograph of 2034 East Osborn Rd
and the very next property is 2050 East Osborn Road

There is no address 2036

Have you ever heard of the philosophy of "pre-emptive self defense?" President Bush talked about it when we went to war with Al-Qaida. His thinking was "If someone announces they're going to kill you,. you don;t sit back and wait for it, you attack them first."

You have now announced your intention. I am going to pre-emptively defend myself.

Since my people are already in your neighborhood, you're gonna lose.

Have a nice day - what's left of it.

ADAM STEIN REPLIED: wrong thats a picture of MY BUIlDING YOU IDIOT! 2036! and there are 10 hells angels in my living room right now moron.and if any of your people come by we are well armed with automatic weapons asshole. We will be here untill about eighyt thirty our time then we gotta go to church.[our weekly meeting]if ya know ANYTHING about my club ya know your in deep shit motherfucker.I have been to prison twice once for manslaughter.If your stupid friends had come into the BACK they would have seen our bikes.Like I said BRING IT!

ADAM STEIN THEN SENT A SECOND REPLY: oh yea its not my intention its the intention of my club,HELLS ANGELS FOREVER MOTHERFUCKER! We will be at our club house till about 10 then we are off to CAVE CREEK To drink and party. We are out there every Friday night. NO FEAR asshole.By the way i carry a government issue colt 45 and keep an a.k. 47 in my car and truck FULL AUTO!

THEN ADAM STEIN SENT A THIRD REPLY: oh yea when your people are looking for me Im 5ft8 220 pounds with 18 inch arms and a 52 inch chest I stick out in a crowd! coverd with tattoos riding a 61 panhead chopper its cobalt blue and chrome. I will pound your face to mush if I ever see you,you fat out of shape COWARD. Im from Brooklyn N.Y.,I used ta sell dope in Bed sty where shit like you are afraid to go. I ALLWAYS HAVE MY HEAT WITH ME,my pop is a cop so I know how ta shoot. any way time to fire these bikes up and get on da road.

---------------------------------- End of e-mail exchange

I decided to put this entire exchange on my web site so you can see the kind of abuse that comes my way and, more importantly, how the average jew thinks.

He dates a black woman and is proud of that. He claims to have killed three White guys in the Aryan Brotherhood and seems to be proud of that too. He admits to dealing drugs in Bedford Styvesant, Brooklyn, NY and seems proud of that. Oh, Did you catch his comment -- “You are a PUNK ASS WHITE PIECE OF SHIT! hows it feel to be the minority BITCH?”

He knows he’s not white and takes glee in the fact that we Whites are rapidly becoming the minority!

This is a classic example of the vile and destructive nature of his kind and their absolute HATRED of the White race.

I thought you might find this interesting. The next time you have occasion to deal with a member of the Oy Vey crowd, you may want to bear in mind what they really think of you.

Incidentally, Mr. Stein’s e-mail address is: chopperchopster@yahoo.com