January 2, 2009

We can bring the feds to their knees April 15

With the economy in shambles, banks failing, the auto industry teetering on Bankruptcy, states running out of unemployment funds, tax revenues plummeting and the feds borrowing more money than ever to try to prevent the whole country from falling apart, a thought occurred to me:

We can bring them to their knees this April 15.

If everyone due a REFUND files their tax returns, hundreds of millions will be sent out of the Treasury to those people.

If, at the same time, anyone who OWES money, files their return BUT DOES NOT PAY WHAT THEY OWE, the government will run out of cash and collapse almost immediately.

In fact, I bet they wouldn't be able to last until the end of June because they're so hard-up for cash!

This affords us a very powerful tool to compel the government to do what we've been demanding they do for years:

1) Seal / secure the southern border with Mexico -- all 2,200 miles of it.
2) Round-up illegal aliens en masse and put them in the already existing "REX-84 Camps"
3) Process them in those camps and DEPORT all of them. ALL OF THEM!
4) Enact legislation forbidding illegal aliens from obtaining any government benefits such as welfare, food stamps, medicaid, medicare, Section 8 housing payments, etc.
5) Enact legislation demanding proof of citizenship for all persons registered to vote or who try to register to vote.

These things won't do any harm to those of us who belong here. In fact it will help the average American who was put out of work because of 30 million illegal aliens here taking our jobs. It will save us money by reducing government payments to those who shouldn't be getting them in the first place. It will reduce crime by sending the criminals who fled their law, back to their country! This idea is a win, win, win for every American citizen.

If the feds do what they're told, we'll pay our taxes and they can continue to exist.

If they fail - or refuse - to do what they're told, we will not pay and they won't have the manpower or money to do a damn thing about it!

Here's the rub: by filing the tax return, we avoid potential criminal liability for failure to file! The only thing they could possibly do is add penalties and interest to the amount we already owe. Big deal!

If enough of us withhold payment they can't collect what is owed it because they simply don't have enough people to engage in collections or even file enough Levys against the entire country.

If they don't do what we demand, they will utterly collapse and not be able to do anything!

We can absolutely crush (financially) the entire federal government and bring them to their knees in a 100% peaceful method: a national tax protest. Just like the Boston Tea Party; it would be as American as Apple Pie!

Normally, this would not work. They would simply borrow the money. But they've already borrowed so much, there isn't anyone left to lend money to them and if they try to PRINT money to function, countries around the world will immediately refuse to accept our currency because they KNOW it's worthless.

Right now, we have the federal government by the balls. All we have to do is start squeezing.

I say, this April 15, file your return but withhold any money you owe. Spread the word.